So, let's get started. An internet station needs, as a minimum:

  • A stable internet connection, domestic connections these days are generally good enough.

  • A website! This is Andy Siddell's domain, excuse the pun! Andy is our website designer and will work with you to create your online presence.

  • A dedicated server (computer) running specialised software. We whole-heartedly recommend "Stationplaylist" ( It is a semi-professional playout system for live, pre-recorded or Voice-Tracked broadcasts. SPL is reasonably priced, very well maintained, very sophisticated for the price and reliable. If it looks complicated don't worry we are well versed in all of its features. We can also advise on the specification of the PC and even build it if necessary.

  • A streaming service. This is a server operated by a third party company specialising in internet radio. Your station sends the signal to their server and it is then relayed to any number of listeners (you choose the maximum number and pay accordingly). Think of it as a distributor. One signal in, many out.

In addition we can produce custom software to take care of various ancillary functions as required: Such as an app to automatically download and play a news bulletin each hour.

Or to display custom messages on your listeners’ pc or internet radio receiver.
We can also set up ftp servers and clients to allow all your personnel to share audio material.

Plus, if required, create and maintain a backup system which will automatically take over should your main system fail.

Andy Siddell, our website designer, will help you with your website.

The techie stuff is our technical manager, Andy Marriott's, cup of tea.

We can also advise you on making your station legal, music royalties etc. and every other aspect of getting your sound out there.

Both Andys are experienced broadcasters and Voice-overs and will be able to provide pre-recorded announcements and idents if required.

Whether you just need a hand or a full set-up we can help you.

Please contact us to discuss your precise requirements.