So what does it all cost?

We realise that anybody who is thinking about starting their own internet or small scale station will by necessity be on a fairly tight budget so we have scaled our charges accordingly.

It is almost impossible to give a quote for actual costs as each situation will be unique. However as a fairly accurate guide:

Build a suitable PC: and install basic software: £400 (If you already have a suitable computer this won't apply)

Initial set-up. Help building a music library, setting up rotations and schedules etc. £300

License the software: (this is between you and the software provider not Internet Radio Services): StationPlaylist Pro (Creator and Studio): £260 approx (please visit Although described as a "license" it is a one-off, not a recurring payment.

Stream server: These vary a great deal in price. At the moment we are recommending They offer a good starter server of 50 listener slots for £6 per month. As you get more listeners you can add many more listener slots at very competitive prices. This would be between you and not Internet Radio Services, but we will help set it all up for you.

Music rights: Any UK radio station must be licensed by PRS and PPL the two organisations that collect royalty payments on behalf of the music makers. Both organisations have simple on-line set-up systems, this is a contract between you and PRS/PPL not Internet Radio Services. The music licensing will cost approx £500 per year

Full technical support: Help with all aspects of the software. Fault finding and problem solving. Generally keeping everything ticking over nicely. This will be especially useful for the non-technical as it can include the basic operation of the software, maintaining audio libraries etc. There are no contracts involved. Support is paid at the start of the month and covers one calendar month. If at any time you wish to discontinue you can. £300 per month.

Website Building: To make the most of your new radio station you will want to show it off to the world and what better way than a website. This not only allows people to listen to you via the websites audio player but will also let you tell your listeners about the station and give them ways to interact. You can either create your own website or if you prefer we can take care of it all for you. It's a very painless process. Building a simple 5 page website would cost around  £100 -  £200 depending on the amount of content etc. (one-off charge)

Website Hosting: Once your website had been built it needs to be made "live" for the world to see. You will need to choose and register your preferred domain name and have  a hosting account for your website. (The cost for this is between you and your chosen ISP not Internet Radio Services) We can however help you all the way with both of these tasks and make recommendations too.

Costs: A domain will cost around £5 per year and a .com domain £10 per year. Others are available and prices vary. Initial registration of a domain name is for two years.
Hosting for your website starts at around £5 per month and often allows up to 20 email accounts as well.

In summary basic set-up cost: Internet Radio Services: £700 (one-off)
Software: £260 (one-off)
PRS/PPL: £500 (annual)
Total: £1460

Running costs per month: Streaming: £6 - £50 (depending on number of listeners)
Support: £300 (optional)
Internet, electricity etc

This will get you on the air and sounding technically competent. There are other options to consider (all at extra cost naturally!) such as remote voice-tracking. This allows the presenters to record their shows from home. We can discuss all the other bells and whistles personally.

Please note: Although our prices are quoted at UK rates, we are also able to provide our services in many other countries. Please ask.